What everyone with a scoliosis needs to know about how to stay pain free.
15th October 2018
It’s a real pain in the neck!
13th November 2018
What everyone with a scoliosis needs to know about how to stay pain free.
15th October 2018
It’s a real pain in the neck!
13th November 2018
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Back Pain Treatment: Old v Modern treatment. What works best?

Success for back pain

Breaking news….! Back Pain treatment & rehab for lower back pain has changed, for the better!

Having back pain is rubbish, it really interferes with your life. It can effect your work, home life, sleep and even your mood.  There is no one size fits all solution for your back pain treatment, but there are definitely things that WORK, and things that don’t!

In the past if you have suffered from back pain,  you may have had treatment using:

  • traction
  • acupuncture
  • machines

Well these treatments are old news!  They have now been acknowledged to be INEFFECTIVE in treating most lower back pain and should be put out to rust.

This isn’t news to us but the facts have been slow to spread and we’d like your help to spread it even further!  Plain and simple those treatments DO NOT WORK for the vast majority of people. Read our article on the truth about back pain.

So what does work?

Back pain is complex and treatment & rehab should be specific to each person, but the key points are clear.

  • Exercise – get flexible and a bit stronger in your back AND legs
  • Get good sleep – a lack of sleep alone CAN cause back pain!
  • Move more – your worst posture is the one you spend the longest time in! So keep changing your posture.
  • Reduce your stress levels – stress hormones CAN cause back pain. Sounds crazy but it’s true!
  • Don’t worry about your back pain – this will focus your thoughts inward and generally lead to more back pain. Try not to think about an itch you have, does it go away or get itchier?!

What exercise should I do?

This is a great question and an easy one to answer. The answer is the one that you enjoy and will keep up!  You could run, dance, swim, lift weights, do Pilates or yoga. All of them have their benefits. Depending on your specific factors you may need to strengthen your back muscles, tummy muscles or pelvic muscles.  You may need to get more flexible in your back or hips or legs.

The key thing is to get assessed by an expert.  An expert should:

  • Listen to you, and your individual story of your problem.
  • Do some tests
  • Give you a diagnosis of what is wrong and explain it so that it makes sense to you.
  • Explain what they can do with any manual therapy
  • Most importantly, recommend some exercises (which should include strength exercise) specific to your individual needs.

So help us spread the word that treatment & rehab for back pain has changed for the better, and please save your time and money and ask for a second opinion elsewhere if your treatment is out of date.

If you are struggling with your back pain, pelvic pain or sciatica, please give us a call and talk to an expert. We are used to giving second opinions and getting great results!

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