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I tried Hogan and Mitchell Physiotherapy after multiple visits to my work place Health Centre and NHS physios. I had suffered repeat lower back pain problems for years and had began to accept that the damage was permanent. At the initial assessment, Ross Mitchell gave me an accurate diagnosis with a clear indication of the true root cause. From this point onwards the remedial work has removed all aches and pains (in a very short space of time) and made me conscious of posture and lift technique. I now have the confidence to take on heavy manual tasks without concern. I have to say that this has been the most comprehensive and professional services I have ever come across. 

M Rawles

Just a thank you for the treatment I received over the past three months. After the surgery in my shoulder, I had very significant pain and very limited movement with no strength in my arm. I had tried other physiotherapists in the past and found them to be limited to heat pads and a bit of a “rub & massage” type of treatment with no real benefits. They also would recommend several costly session per week and after several weeks I would not be any better. However the treatment I received from Hogan & Mitchell was different from anything I had received in the past. You guys treated the injury scientifically and explained all the inner workings of the joint and cause of pain / limited movement before you even attempted treatment – I loved this as I’m an consulting engineer and appreciated the technical application. You then recommended weekly sessions and included specific exercises and treatments even providing me with specifics home exercises that did not involve expensive equipment. I was treated as a professional by a professional! After just 6 weeks, I’m pain free and sleeping on the shoulder with full movement. Thanks for the professional service!

W Wilson

I started physiotherapy with Simon after suffering months of lower back pain and severe coccyx pain. After assessing my movement and strength he was able to quickly pinpoint the issue. He recommended several exercises, habit changes and a treatment plan to strengthen my core, back and legs. At each session I made progress and after finishing my treatment I am close to pain free for the first time in over a year, and feel confident I can keep going with the progress made so far. I have also been attending Simon’s pilates sessions which are helping to maintain the strength I have gained and help keep my back healthy. I have found Simon to be very friendly, knowledgeable and professional, and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Hogan and Mitchell to anyone requiring physiotherapy or wishing to attend pilates classes. 

L Ball


The Hogan & Mitchell Guarantee

1. We promise to listen to you and explain your problem in a way that makes sense to you, and tell you how long it will take to get better

2. We promise to be honest about what will & won’t help you

3. We promise you a positive experience of what real modern physio is and what we can help you achieve, WITHOUT machines or acupuncture!

4. We promise that if we cannot solve your problem, we will put you in touch with the right person who can.