Jaw Pain / TMJ

The TMJ is the Temporo Mandibular Joint. This is where your jaw bone (mandible) meets your temporal bone (your temple) of the skull. The joint is unique in that is the only one to join to another identical joint through one bone. Possible symptoms can include pain or discomfort over the joint, side of the face or ear, a feeling of clicking or popping, a feeling of locking or difficulty opening or closing your mouth, headaches, face or neck pain.
Clients have often seen their GP and / or dentist previously and sometimes given a splint which can be helpful or a hindrance.

• There are usually several contributing factors but common causes can be trauma, whiplash, poor posture, stress, prolonged dental work, orthodontics, teeth clenching/grinding, osteoarthritis or muscular pain.

• Pain is often due to the joint not functioning well. This can lead to the joint and its soft tissues (including the disc structures) coming under stress, which causes pain.
• Treatment is aimed at reducing pain by restoring normal function to the joint (as with every body part we assess and treat) and may include soft tissue release, joint mobilisation, posture retraining, disc remodelling exercises, strengthening exercises, acupuncture and relaxation

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