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Slipped Disc pain shouldn't be a life sentence

Think you have a slipped disc? Don't Panic! We can help.

Your disc will definitely NOT have totally slipped out BUT you may have a disc tear, disc herniation or disc prolapse. This can cause back pain AND sciatica.

You might be asking "Do I need a scan?" "Should I stay at work?" "Will I need an operation" "How do I get to sleep comfortably?"

We can answer all your questions and set you on the path of recovery. Did you know that over 95% of all slipped disc problems resolve WITHOUT the need for surgery.

Time & Rehab are the 2 things that you need. Unfortunately there is NO quick fix for this type of problem. It's not 'crack your back and hey presto all is fine'.

The whole disc itself NEVER slips. The discs are stacked in between the vertebral bones in your back. They are made of a very touch outer part called the annulus fibrosus and a more gel like inner part called the nucleus pulposus.

Sometimes a tear can develop in the outer part and some of the gel like nucleus can herniate or prolapse out.  It moves into the space where the nerve leaves your spine and if the nerve is 'impinged' or compressed then you can get sciatica.

Sciatica means pain in the leg from the sciatic nerve. Lots of people think they have sciatica but don't.  If you do have it, the nerve being irritated or compressed is the reason why.

The disc material doesn't pop in and out like it might feel. So avoid anyone who tries to tell you that they can push your disc back into place!

We have seen thousands of people with this type of pain so you are in safe hands.

If after we have assessed you we think that you DO need a scan we will write to your GP or consultant and get that arranged.

If you have any pins and needles, numbness or weakness in your leg. This can be very normal and is no cause for alarm. However we do recommend that you read this just as a precaution.

We recommend that if you do have a slipped disc that you see us sooner rather than later. Understanding it better and beginning rehab sooner WILL HELP you start get better sooner.

People in pain often leave it a long time before asking for help,

they don't know what is wrong, and worry about the future.

We specialise in modern physio to help people

live the life they want and keep doing the things they love.

Tell us how your back pain affects you:

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      Slipped Disc pain making your life miserable?

      End your back pain and sciatica with our expert help


      We'll help you find out what's wrong

      We'll give you peace of mind so that you are confident and know you are safe to keep moving

      We'll help you to keep active

      Stay healthy and do what you love whether its walking, running, playing sports or chasing after your kids all day!


      We'll help you to stay free from painkillers

      No more reaching for the medicine cabinet. PLUS - they're no good for your long term health anyway, they don't actually do anything to fix theproblem, they just mask it

      We'll help you to avoid unnecessary surgery

      We’ll quickly help you understand the root-cause of what’s going on so you can learn most things get better without surgery instead of it being the first and only option


      We'll help you to get more enjoyment out of life!

      Relax and enjoy the quality time with your family and friends that aches and
      pains can steal from you, and finally get a good night sleep without tossing and turning

      We have helped thousands of people get better from slipped disc back pain & sciatica.

      From a 1 week episode to 10 years worth of pain. It’s still one of the most common problems that we see in our physio clinic in Macclesfield Cheshire.

      When it comes to slipped disc pain & sciatica, it feels like everyone has an opinion on what’s best for you. It can be confusing to know who to listen to and who to trust. Most of the advice is often out of date.

      One thing that is certain about slipped disc pain & sciatica is that your pain and the contributing factors to it are individual to you. So what might have worked for a friend will not work for you.

      If one treatment worked for everyone then slipped disc pain & sciatica would not be the problem it is!

      Frequently heard problems

      Here are some things that our clients have said to us about their
      slipped disc pain & sciatica before they came to us.

      “I have tried other treatment in the past but nothing they said or did seemed to help”

      Mark - 52

      'I thought it would just go away, but it didn't'

      Suzanne - 43

      “Pain killers have not got rid of my pain”

      Margie - 72

      “Someone told me back pain is a sign of aging and I just accepted it!”

      Kenny - 68

      “I have tried exercise videos for my slipped disc pain & sciatica but they don’t help and sometimes make it worse”

      Alex - 23

      We have helped over
      satisfied customers!

      Excellent knowledge and everything was well explained. Comfortable atmosphere and very professional. Hogan & Mitchell physio helped me with a back pain problem I'd had for years. About a month after seeing them for only 1 session I don't have any pain. Their diagnostics and instructions have been well worth the money.

      Richard M.

      Very good practice, friendly but also professional. If you have any issues relating to sore backs and stiffness this is the practice to use. I have tried others in Macclesfield and have not had the same help that I have had from Simon and Ross.

      Ruth P.

      The "Get Rid of Your Slipped Disc Pain & Sciatica Plan"

      1. Book an appointment
      2. Get a diagnosis
      3. Get a bespoke treatment & rehab plan
      4. Carry out the plan (important!)
      5. Get better!

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      The Hogan & Mitchell Guarantee

      1. We promise to listen to you and explain your problem in a way that makes sense to you, and tell you how long it will take to get better

      2. We promise to be honest about what will & won’t help you

      3. We promise you a positive experience of what real modern physio is and what we can help you achieve, WITHOUT machines or acupuncture!

      4. We promise that if we cannot solve your problem, we will put you in touch with the right person who can.



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