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5 Quick & easy ways to reduce elbow pain


    Tennis Elbow pain shouldn't be a life sentence

    Having elbow pain can really make life difficult. Simple things like picking up the kettle all of a sudden become painful.

    The good news is that you CAN get better!

    The most common cause of elbow pain is known as Tennis Elbow or lateral epicondylitis. Other problems include golfers elbow, biceps pain and elbow instability/ligament injuries.

    Ironically most people who suffer from tennis elbow so NOT play tennis!  In the past heavy wooden rackets gave this problem it's name.  Today lightweight rackets mean it is not so much a problems with tennis players.

    Tennis Elbow Symptoms

    Tennis elbow refers to pain in the outer part of your elbow. Normally gripping things is the most painful thing but twisting or turning can also be a problem.

    Pain is usually caused by the muscles and their tendons, however you can get pain from the outer joint tissues or the small nerve that passes through the area.

    Pain is usually brought on by overuse in the muscles of your forearm near your elbow which control your wrist and finger movements. . This ultimately means that you have made the muscles and tendons work harder than they have been happy to tolerate.

    This can lead to some changes in the muscles and tendon causing pain.

    They can become very painful.  All of the muscles around the elbow are working hard whenever we grip anything, from a key, to a kettle, even a hand shake.

    It can be normal to think, "should I rest?", "should I carry on?" " should I use a tennis elbow brace?", "do I need an injection?" "will massage or stretching help?" or "do I need a scan?"

    We can answer all of these questions for you.  We will listen to your problems and give you a thorough assessment.

    Tennis Elbow Treatment

    REHAB is the NUMBER 1 solution to your pain in the form of tennis elbow exercises. We do NOT offer machine or acupuncture treatment and surgery is almost NEVER required in order to get better.

    If you are ready to begin your journey to becoming pain free, CALL NOW or BOOK ONLINE using any of the links on this page.


    People in pain often leave it a long time before asking for help,

    they don't know what is wrong, and worry about the future.

    We specialise in modern physio to help people

    live the life they want and keep doing the things they love.


    Tell us how your tennis elbow pain affects you:

      Elbow pain making your life miserable?

      End your elbow pain and stiffness with our expert help

      Doctor and patient, Examination of the arm and elbow, Sport exercise injuries. (Selective Focus)

      We'll help you find out what's wrong

      We'll give you peace of mind so that you are confident and know you are safe to keep moving

      We'll help you to keep active

      Stay healthy and do what you love whether its walking, running, playing sports or chasing after your kids all day!


      We'll help you to stay free from painkillers

      No more reaching for the medicine cabinet. PLUS - they're no good for your long term health anyway, they don't actually do anything to fix the problem, they just mask it

      We'll help you to avoid unnecessary surgery

      We’ll quickly help you understand the root-cause of what’s going on so you can learn most things get better without surgery instead of it being the first and only option


      We'll help you to get more enjoyment out of life!

      Relax and enjoy the quality time with your family and friends that aches and
      pains can steal from you, and finally get a good night sleep without tossing and turning

      We have helped thousands of people get better from elbow pain.

      From a 1 week episode to 10 years worth of elbow pain. It’s the fifth most common problem that we see in our physio clinic in Macclesfield Cheshire.

      When it comes to elbow pain, it feels like everyone has an opinion on what’s best for you. It can be confusing to know who to listen to and who to trust. Most of the advice is often out of date.

      One thing that is certain about tennis elbow pain is that YOUR elbow pain and the contributing factors to it are individual to you. So what might have worked for a friend will not work for you.

      If one treatment worked for everyone then elbow pain would not be the problem it is!

      Frequently heard problems

      Here are some things that our clients have said to us about their
      elbow pain before they came to us.

      “I have tried other treatment in the past but nothing they said or did seemed to help”

      Mark - 52

      'I thought it would just go away, but it didn't'

      Suzanne - 43

      “Pain killers have not got rid of my pain”

      Margie - 72

      “Someone told me elbow pain is a sign of aging and I just accepted it!”

      Kenny - 68

      “I have tried exercise videos for elbow pain but they don’t help and sometimes make it worse”

      Alex - 23

      We have helped over
      satisfied customers!

      I visited Hogan & Mitchell suffering from chronic tennis elbow pain. I had begun to think that it would never go and I'd have to take painkillers forever. After 4 spaced out rehab sessions and continuing the exercises, I am back to feeling 100%! They explained how muscles and tendons work which gave me the understanding and confidence to begin exercising again and using it normally.  I would definitely recommend!

      Jo P.

      Had a stiff neck and elbow pain.  I thought I had a trapped nerve but it turned out it was 2 problems. The neck settled quickly, the elbow took longer, but they explained that would be the case.  Both my neck and elbow feel better than they have done for years now.  I would 100% recommend them and already have! Thanks guys.  

      Gill T.

      The "Get Rid of Your Elbow Pain Plan"

      1. Book an appointment
      2. Get a diagnosis
      3. Get a bespoke treatment & rehab plan
      4. Carry out the plan (important!)
      5. Get better!

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      2. We promise to be honest about what will & won’t help you

      3. We promise you a positive experience of what real modern physio is and what we can help you achieve, WITHOUT machines or acupuncture!

      4. We promise that if we cannot solve your problem, we will put you in touch with the right person who can.



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