Pilates is a great exercise routine to undertake as it offers you a lot of benefits body wise. It can help you to focus on your body alignment, gives you a core and overall workout and can even help to improve your posture. In fact, a recent study in The Journal of Sports Medicine and Physical Fitness concluded that just eight weeks of Pilates classes could also improve balance and flexibility as well. So, no wonder our Pilates classes in Cheshire are so popular!

If you are thinking of coming along to one of our Pilates classes, but aren’t sure what to expect then don’t be daunted.  We want to make it as least intimidating as we can for you, so check out our top tips on what you need to know:

Mat Class

We offer Pilates Mat Classes now, and these are classes where you perform the Pilates moves on a mat (as the name suggests) rather than on a machine (reformer). The mats we use are slightly thicker than a normal yoga mat in order to ensure the pressure points on your body are protected throughout the class.

The class will focus on a series of moves which encourage your body to focus on the concept of control, rather than endless repetition. The aim of Pilates is to get your muscles working against gravity in order to strengthen them. During the class, you will be encouraged to take your time, focus on the position your body is in and be aware of your breathing.

Dress Code

For Pilates, you need to leave the loose-fitting clothing at home I’m afraid – form-fitting clothing is what you need. This is so the instructor can have a clear picture of your movements, and help you to adjust your form if needs be. Steer clear of loose shorts as well – many Pilates moves are completed lying down with your legs in the air, so you don’t want your shorts to ride up and expose your flesh to the rest of the class! Your best bet is to go for some leggings with a vest top or slim fitting long sleeved top.

Muscle Burn and Soreness

Even though Pilates may look like a gentle exercise, the bodyweight routine you will undertake as part of the class can and should be challenging. Taking the time to really focus on your movements, and taking feedback from the instructor means that you will work the right muscles that the exercise is aimed at. This means, however, that you may be sore after your first class, as you will be using muscles that you may not have used for a while. Don’t give up though, if your muscles are really sore the next day, the soreness will ease over time, and it means you are doing it right.

Fitness Plan

Although Pilates is a great all-around exercise, it is not something that you should be doing everyday but rather something that you slot into a wider fitness plan. The fact that you are using muscle groups you don’t normally use means that your body needs a day or two to recover in between. However, one of the benefits of Pilates is that it can prepare your body to move in a better way, meaning that you may see better results in any other fitness classes or sports you undertake.

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