Pilates Classes in Macclesfield

It's not all about breathing and tensing your tummy!
  • Our small, personal Pilates classes allow your instructor to devote the necessary time to everyone, so you know you are doing it well and getting the benefits from your efforts.
  • Our experienced staff can adapt & modify any Pilates class matwork exercise from beginners to advanced.
  • A calm, relaxed and friendly atmosphere ensures everyone feels welcome.
  • We promise you'll enjoy it!

    Pilates is an exercise system designed by Joseph Pilates to elevate, strengthen and restore balance to the body. It is commonly believed to be useful to build a 'strong core' or aid 'perfect posture', but does so much more. It is a good general exercise that is challenging but safe for everyone. As Joseph Pilates said himself "In 10 sessions you feel better, 20 sessions you look better, 30 sessions you have a completely new body".

  • Our Pilates classes are held in our on site Pilates class studio in Macclesfield close to Prestbury & Bollington in Cheshire. Check out the Pilates class timetable below or click on the links for costs and availability. All Pilates classes are floor/mat based with a maximum size of 8.

    You can book classes rather than courses. Choose from 1,3,5,10 or 20 sessions. Our pricing structure is based on the number of sessions purchased - The more you buy the more discount you get! Or you can buy a monthly subscription. If you can't make one for any reason you can reschedule it yourself with up to 24 hours notice and within the package expiry date.

    Check out our Pilates FAQ page for anything else you might want to know

    Class Timetable

    The Pilates classes we offer at our Macclesfield Cheshire clinic are all led by expert instructors. All our instructors have vast experience in teaching Pilates and can easily adapt exercises for you if you are suffering with back or neck pain or recovering from an injury. You are in safe hands with us.

    1:1 Pilates sessions also available, please get in touch to let us know your individual needs.' You can find out more information about our Pilates classes here, including Postnatal Pilates. Alternatively, you can call us on 01625 422 825.

    Our Instructors