Adductor Groin Pain
23rd March 2020
Runners Knee
23rd March 2020
Adductor Groin Pain
23rd March 2020
Runners Knee
23rd March 2020
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Hip Flexor Groin Pain

Hip Flexor related groin pain is just one possible reason for your groin pain. Figuring out what is causing YOUR groin pain is ESSENTIAL in getting you better.  We Treat & Rehab the cause, NEVER just treat the symptoms!

Other possible reasons for your groin pain include the hip joint, inguinal related, pubic related or adductor related problems. 

What are the hip flexors? 

The hip flexors are the muscles that run from the inside of your thigh bone near your hip and groin to attach onto the inside of your pelvis and spine. They are the muscles that give you the ability to bring your knee to your chest.  There are a number of hip flexor muscles but the ones we are concerned with here are the iliacus and psoas major, sometimes collectively called the iliopsoas.

What do the hip flexors do?

The hip flexor muscles work in a few different ways.  They bring your hip/thigh towards you but they also play a massive roll in stablising you hip, pelvis and spine.  They are active most of the time when you are stood, walking and running or changing direction.  They are also very important for our balance.

Why does it hurt?

The hip flexor muscles can become injured or torn like any muscle.  They can also become painful WITHOUT any tear to them.  Both the muscle and/or the tendon (muscle to bone connection) can cause pain.  The tendon is how the muscles attach onto the bone.

It's normally a vague pain around the front of your hip, groin and inner thigh.  Despite how much it hurts there is normally nothing causing long term harm or damage.

Do I need a scan?

The usual answer to this question is NO, you do not need a scan!  There are some injuries that do require an MRI scan but we will be able to recommend if that's the case once we have fully assessed your groin pain.   If you have already had either an ultrasound or MRI scan that's great!  BUT if you have been told that you don't need surgery, guess what you need REHAB! It WILL NOT get pain free just by waiting.

Do I need an injection?

Hell NO!!!  We do not recommend this AT ALL. Steroid injections into the area have a HIGH risk of leading to your tendon rupturing. You definitely DO NOT want that.

How did I get it?

Hip flexor groin pain is caused by over doing it.  You have done more than the area has been able to cope with.

Afterwards you might feel stiffness and pain, sometimes worse first thing in the morning.  You may have felt better, then tried to return to exercise only to find that you get pain again.  It can feel like you are in a vicious cycle BUT don't worry, we'll get you back on track!

Should I stop training?

The ultimate question of all active sports people. "Should I keep training, or should I stop?" With hip flexor groin pain you MAY benefit from a short period of altered training.  Don't worry though we can normally get you back training pain free very quickly.  Using strength work, basic gait re education and changing your training techniques. It sounds complicated but don't worry we'll talk you through it and do it with you the first time. 

Hip Flexor Groin Pain Rehab

Let's start with what WON'T help like ultrasound machine treatment and acupuncture treatment.  They are a waste of time! Stretching might feel like it helps in the moment but it will NEVER cure it.

The 3 main components of your rehab that WILL work are

  • Increasing Muscular Strength & tendon capacity
  • Modifying your training
  • Gait/Run retraining

Sometimes insoles/orthotics or changing your footwear can be useful but we'll be able to answer all those questions for you.  There is no one size fits all solution.

If you think you have Hip Flexor groin pain and would like help returning  to your sport pain free, get in touch!  Once we have diagnosed your hip flexor groin pain Rehab is THE NUMBER 1 solution to your recovery.

We have helped hundreds of people recover from their Hip Flexor groin pain.  Whatever your end goal we can help!

Book online using any of the links on this page to begin your journey to becoming pain free. Call us or get in touch using the contact form below.

We look forward to helping you get back fighting fit!

People in pain often leave it a long time before asking for help, they don't know what is wrong, and worry about the future.

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