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Spinal Stenosis
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IT Band Syndrome
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Shin splints

Does your shin throb or ache when you run? You could have shin splints.

What is Shin splints?

Shin splints or medial tibial stress syndrome is a common problem for runners.  The pain is caused by irritation of the soft tissues on the inner part of your shin and the shin bone itself.

Do I need a scan? 

Shin splints or a stress fracture? If you just have shin splints, NO you do not.  BUT what IS important is though is ruling out a stress fracture of your shin bone/tibia.   Both problems can give very similar pains. Don't worry though! We can normally do this through our thorough assessment including listening to your history of training and how/when your pain started.

What causes shin splints?

Shin splints is a typical problem for new runners OR runners who are suddenly changing their training. Either by going faster or dramatically increasing the mileage.

Should I stop running?

The ultimate question of all runners. "Should I keep running, or should I stop?" With shin splints you MAY benefit from a short period of not running.  Don't worry though we can normally get you back running pain free very quickly. 

Shin splints stretches

You may have tried shin splints stretches or used a foam roller. It can sometimes help a little but is NEVER our recommendation.  There are lots of other things you can do to help that WON'T be sore to do !

Shin splints Treatment & Rehab

The 3 main components of your rehab are

  • Gait retraining
  • Increasing Muscular Strength AKA shin splints exercises
  • Modifying your mileage

Sometimes insoles/orthotics or changing your running trainers can be useful but we'll be able to answer all those questions for you.  There is no one size fits all solution.

If you think you have shin splints and would like help returning  to running pain free, get in touch!

We have helped hundreds of people recover from their shin splints.  Whatever your running goal we can help!

Book online using any of the links on this page, Call us or get in touch using the contact form below.

We look forward to helping you get back fighting fit!

I have had three appoinments with Hogan & Mitchell for shin splints. Two months later, the pain is gone and I'm running better than ever.
Highly recommended!

Ciaran W.

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