6th November 2019

Top 5 Reasons for Shoulder Pain

THE TOP 5 REASONS FOR SHOULDER PAIN   Here are the top 5 Reasons for Shoulder Pain. You can use them to help diagnose your own shoulder problem. Rotator Cuff Problems Stiff Shoulder Unstable Shoulder Acromio clavicular Joint Something else!   Rotator Cuff Problems The rotator cuff are 4 muscles […]
20th March 2019

What causes Pain Between the Shoulder Blades?

What Causes Pain Between The Shoulder Blades? Pain between your shoulder blades or ‘interscapular pain’ is a common complaint.  You may experience aching, dull, burning, sore or shooting pain. It can be frustrating and keep coming back.  So what causes it and what can you do to get rid of […]
27th June 2018

Rise of the Machines. 3 Reasons why machines WON’T make your pain go away!

Why are we telling you about this? Why? Because use of machine treatment has been on the rise for years and because quite simply they don’t really do what they claim to do and are a waste of both yours and our time. We use NO MACHINES in our clinic, […]
30th April 2018

Should I have shoulder surgery? What does the evidence say?

Got Shoulder Pain? Having shoulder pain feels rubbish.  We use our arms a lot so that means your shoulder can can hurt, a lot! A common diagnosis you might be given is one of ‘impingement’ or ‘rotator cuff tear’.  Impingement relates to pain believed to be coming from one of […]
26th September 2016

Got shoulder pain? Have you got impingement? AKA sub acromial impingement

What the heck is that? The correct term (there is a new one every year it seems!) is sub acromial pain syndrome. It refers to pain arising from irritation of one or more of the tendons or bursa (a fluid filled sac) that sit between the humerus (the ball)  and […]
26th August 2016

Got shoulder pain? Have you got a Frozen Shoulder?

What is it? A frozen shoulder is a very painful condition where your shoulder becomes severely restricted.  It is arguably the most painful shoulder problem to get. As a general rule it mainly effects people in their 50’s and 60’s in fact the Japanese even refer to it as ‘50’s […]
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