27th June 2018

Rise of the Machines. 3 Reasons why machines WON’T make your pain go away!

Why are we telling you about this? Why? Because use of machine treatment has been on the rise for years and because quite simply they don’t really do what they claim to do and are a waste of both yours and our time. We use NO MACHINES in our clinic, […]
19th September 2017

Sports Physiotherapy in Macclesfield: What Does It involve?

If you are unfortunate enough to suffer from a sports injury, then you will probably be told that you need to see a “sports physiotherapist”. In fact, Sports Physiotherapy is one of the services we offer at our Macclesfield Clinic – but what is sports physiotherapy and how does it […]
22nd September 2016

How to avoid an injury when training

Answer: Get stronger and move well! Obviously this would be a pretty short article if it finished there.  So let me elaborate. Injuries generally happen when you overload yourself.  This can mean doing something faster than before for longer than you have before Like lifting heavier than you have before […]
30th August 2016

Sports Physiotherapy – Sports Injury Clinic Macclesfield

  If you have a sports injury, you are often told you need to see a “sports physiotherapist”. That is right but what does that mean? The main difference between a regular injury and a sports one is the end goal; return to sport. Whoever you see needs to have […]
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