22nd March 2020

IT Band Syndrome

Does the outside of your leg near your knee hurt when you run? You could have IT Band syndrome! What is IT Band Syndrome? ITB Syndrome or IT Band syndrome refers to pain in the lower, outer part of your thigh.  It's normally slightly higher than your knee.   It is […]
22nd March 2020

Shin splints

Does your shin throb or ache when you run? You could have shin splints. What is Shin splints? Shin splints or medial tibial stress syndrome is a common problem for runners.  The pain is caused by irritation of the soft tissues on the inner part of your shin and the shin […]
22nd August 2018

If you have arthritis in your knee, strengthen your quads!

Are you over 45 and have knee pain? Have you been told that you have arthritis or wear and tear? Time to strengthen your quads! Now we are not expecting you to gain the muscles of this chap, but we can all get stronger and benefit from resistance or ‘weight’ […]
21st July 2018

How can Hogan & Mitchell Physiotherapy help you?

If your car has problems, the warning light comes on. You’d then book it into the garage for a mechanic to sort out the problem. If it’s a good mechanic you should get a car back running smoothly, or if it’s a rubbish mechanic you might take your business elsewhere, […]
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